Pupil Premium

The Pupil Premium gives us additional funding to ensure equality of opportunity for disadvantaged children.   We recognise our responsibility to adapt our provision to diminish the differences between those eligible for this funding and those who are not.

Pupils are eligible for the Pupil Premium if:

  • They are currently eligible for free school meals (as opposed to the universal free school meals offered to all pupils in Foundation and Key Stage1 – see Lunchtimes for more information)
  • They have been eligible for free school meals at any time in the previous 6 years of their primary education
  • They have been adopted from care
  • They have been or are looked after
  • They have left care under a special guardianship order, a residence order or a child arrangements order.

We hope to ensure that disadvantaged children have equal chances to develop their learning skills and readiness for learning alongside ensuring they reach their academic potential.

We use the Pupil Premium to provide additional support to eligible children through targeted interventions, booster sessions, 1:1 tuition, purchase of specialist equipment and resources or financial assistance with school trips. We are also able to help with the purchase of school uniform.

We also uses the Pupil Premium to ensure eligible children have the same opportunities to access extra-curricular activities, whether these take place in school or outside school so they can make the most of their talents and gifts. We can for example pay for fees and/or assist with the purchase of musical instruments or special equipment. 

We publish a report at the end of every financial year (April) with detailed information on the use made of the Pupil Premium Grant received.

If parents or carers would like more information about the Pupil Premium, or would like to request financial assistance, they must contact the school business manager in the school office. Request for financial assistance must be agreed in advance.