Please note that all foods brought onto school premises must be nut free in order the safeguard the well-being of some of our pupils who have allergies. Check ingredients carefully on cereals bars, chocolate spreads, biscuits and cakes, as nuts can be found in wide range of foods.

Pupils must bring a water bottle to use throughout the day. We ask that bottles are filled only with water (no fizzy drinks, squash or fruit juice) unless parents and carers have agreed a special arrangement with the class teacher.

Morning Snacks

Pupils are encouraged to bring a healthy nut-free snack to eat during morning playtime. We ask that parents and carers of children in Foundation and KS1 make sure these snacks are clearly named.

Pupils who wish to drink milk can do so at playtime too. Milk is delivered to the school 3 times a week by Cool Milk as part of a European initiative. Milk is free for under 5s or for pupils in receipt of Free School Meals, and cost 16p per day for other pupils.

If parents or carers want their child to be given milk, whether free of charge or not, they must register with Cool Milk. They must ask the office staff for full details.

Snacks in Foundation

In addition to the playtime snacks, staff in our Robins class will prepare a snack table every morning and pupils will be free to help themselves to a snack during the early part of the morning session. These snacks are provided by the school but parents are encouraged to make a small termly contribution to help covers part of the costs.

Free Fruit & Vegetable Scheme

All pupils in Foundation and KS1 are offered a portion of fruit (grapes, bananas, apples, pears, raisins, etc) or vegetable (tomatoes, carrots, sugar snaps peas, etc) for them to eat during story time at the end of the afternoon sessions. These fruits and vegetables are provided free of charge as part of a governmental scheme.

Friday Tuck Shop

Every Friday morning, a group of Year 6 pupils run a tuck shop. All profits go to the chosen school charity of the year. They sell nut-free cereal bars for 40p per bar.

We ask parents and carers of pupils in Foundation and KS1 to provide this money in a named envelope or purse if their child wished to purchase from our tuck shop.