Please note that all foods brought onto school premises must be nut free in order the safeguard the well-being of some of our pupils who have allergies. Check ingredients carefully on cereals bars, chocolate spreads, biscuits and cakes, as nuts can be found in wide range of foods.

Catering arrangements

School meals are provided by ISS Education.

Meals are cooked on-site daily and cost £2.15.

Menus are carefully developed to ensure that all meals meet stringent nutritional regulations. Our school kitchen is also subject to unannounced inspections by West Berkshire Council’s Environmental Health officers and was most recently awarded the highest possible grade.

We encourage parents and carers to choose a school meal for their children as the benefits of school lunches have been widely documented in recent years. Pupils can order their meal on the day (before 10am). Pupils are able to choose school meals some day and bring a lunchbox on others.


Universal Infants Free School Meals (UIFSM)

Since September 2014, all pupils in Foundation and KS1 are entitled to a free school meal. Please note that while the meals are provided free of charge, they are only cooked to order and it is therefore necessary for pupils or their parents and carers to place orders.

Free School Meals

Pupils whose families have low income are entitled to free school meals regardless of their age. Eligibility can be checked on the West Berkshire website and registration is very easy, quick, and confidential. Please feel free to come and discuss Free School Meals with Mrs Bell in the Office if you have any query. We can also assist you with your application if necessary.

It is very important that, even if pupils are entitled to the Universal Infants Free School, parents and carers who are on a low income apply for Free School Meal as this triggers the Pupil Premium Grant [LINK TO THE PUPIL PREMIUM GRANT PAGE] which allows the school to support pupils and their families. This can be specialist interventions to support a child’s progress or emotional development, or it can be financial support to allow a child to access school trips and after school activities (whether in school or outside school).

Ordering a meal

Pupils can choose to order school meals every day, or they can pick and choose between a school meal or a packed lunch depending on the menu or the circumstances.

Pupils can order a meal on the day in school, at the beginning of the morning session.

However, parents also have the option to order meals in advance by registering on and selecting West Berkshire. Please note that when meals are ordered in advance, it is the parents’ or carers’ responsibility to alert the school and request for the meal order to be cancelled if a child is off school. If the meal is not cancelled by 10.00am, parents will be charged for the meal ordered.

Paying for a meal

Meals must be paid in advance or on the day.

Pupils can bring £2.15 on the day, in a sealed envelope marked with their name. Monies collected for payment of meals are reconciled once a week (usually on a Friday), at which point any change due will be return via pupil-post.

However, we strongly encourage parents and carers to use the safe and convenient online payment facilities as this guarantees that money does not go missing. To register for online payment facilities, parents and carers must register on (select West Berkshire).

If assistance is required with any aspects of school meals or free school meals, please enquire at the school office where we will be happy to assist you.

Lunchtime arrangements

Foundation and Key Stage 1 pupils finish their morning session at 12.00pm. They will be taken to the school hall by their teacher or our lunchtime staff, who will assist our younger pupils by directing them to their table, bringing them their school meal if they have ordered one, and help them cut their food if necessary. As children grow in independence, they will start collecting their meal from the kitchen hatch. After 20 minutes, the pupils who have finished their lunch will be taken out to the playground to play with a member of staff, while the other children stay in the hall until they have finished their lunch before joining the others on the playground. The lunch break finishes at 13.00.

Key Stage 2 pupils finish their morning session at 12.30pm. Arrangements are similar to those for Foundation and KS1, although there is a stronger emphasis on independence and responsibility. The KS2 lunch break finishes at 13.30.

Whenever possible, children will be allowed outside at lunch time. In the event that there is significant rain or snow, or if the playgrounds are not safe to use due to ice and snow, pupils will enjoy “wet play” in the classrooms, where they have access to drawing and colouring materials, books, games and toys. Children are allowed some freedom to move around the classrooms although the usual standards of behaviour and compliance with the school rules are expected.

Lunchtime clubs

Some lunchtime clubs may be available to some pupils. Details will be included in a letter sent out to all pupils at the beginning of every term.