Year 3

Welcome To Year 3!


Meet the team:

Class Teacher: Mrs Palmer

Learning Support Assistant: Mrs Thorne

Learning Support Assistant: Mrs Sokcevic


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Year 3 Parent Information Term 1 2020-2021

Year 3 Autumn Term Letter
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Class News!

Term 1 - Week 4:

As historians this week we discussed democracy and compare the system in ancient Greece to that of the UK today. We felt very strongly that our system was considerably fairer. In art we were sculptors, using clay to mould a bust of Greek God. We needed to be extremely patient and gentle, using a hands and digits to carefully mould the overall shape. Thumbs are particularly good for the getting the curve of the neck just right! We then used clay knives to carve the facial features and flowing locks of our Gods.

Mrs Palmer :)


Term 1 - Week 3:

This week, in year 3, we wrote fabulous descriptions of Kampe, a mythical Greek monster. We shared ideas when planning and used fantastic words like colossal and massive to convey just how huge Kampe appeared.

In science we are learning about the human body. One particularly interesting fact we discovered is that the pipe that carries food from our mouths to our stomachs is called the oesophagus.

Mrs Palmer



Term 1 - Week 2: 

What a busy week we’ve had in year 3. We began our journey as historians working with timelines to work out where this fabulously influential culture fits in with our prior historic studies. Did you know the dates get bigger the further back before Jesus’ birth you look?

Mrs Palmer :)



Term 1 - Week 1: 

Wow, what a lucky teacher I am to be in year 3! 

In just 3 days, we’ve met two word collectors, filled our bodies with words that make us happy, discovered new and exciting words and chosen our favourites, learned that sometimes a word can be a noun and a verb, and hidden words in our original watercolour pictures. We’ve run around in search of things longer, shorter, wider or thinner than our rulers and the children have taught me the fine game of elevensies, at the same time showing me how sporting they are when they are out. I can’t wait for next week with this fantastic class.

Mrs Palmer :)

Listen to the word collector stories here:





Term 3 - Music!

This term we have been working in groups to compose our own music based on the music of Bob Marley!


Term 3 - Division Fun! 

This term we have been exploring division using concrete material.