Year 3

Welcome To Year 3!


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Class Teacher: Mrs Palmer

Learning Support Assistant: Mrs Thorne

Learning Support Assistant: Mrs Sokcevic


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Class News!

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Week 2:

This week in year 3 we have been polishing our multiplication and division skills, practicising concrete, pictorial and written ways to show grouping, sharing and partitioning.

The children planned and then wrote the most beautiful free verse poems, demonstrating their understanding of alliteration, repetition and rhythm and how their use can impact on the reader.

In a link to our Geography lesson, we used oil pastels to produce stunning pictures of volcanoes. 


Week 1:

This week in Maths we have been recapping column addition and subtraction. On Monday, we started this unit working with manipulatives to remind ourselves what happens when we need to bridge or cross 1s/10s or 100s.

In English we have begun our new class book, The Boy at the Back of the Class by Onjali Q. Rauf. This inspired us to write brilliant instructions about the start of our day in class, what a new classmate might need and how to settle in. The children’s developing writing techniques shone through in this BIG WRITE and they stayed on task and focussed despite the rather warm day.

In RE we reflected on Paul 1st letter to the Corinthians and what he meant when he described the church as being “one body”. We took this theme into our Art lessons where we learnt to draw a hand and experimented with the different ways we could use oil pastels to add colour, detail and texture to our pictures.


Week 5:

This week saw the end of our unit on fractions, with the children using their skills to compare, order and simplify fractions. On Friday, we applied our fraction knowledge to the real world by scaling Mrs P’s Chocolate Brownie Pudding recipe, which served four people, up and down depending on how many people we were cooking for. Mrs P’s favourite quote from the lesson came from Tilly. When asked what fraction of the recipe would serve 2 people, the class agreed this would be ½, Tilly immediately queried,

“Why would you want to only make pudding for two Mrs P?”

We all agreed, it was a fair question!

In English, we have been using the Kindles to research animal life to be found in mountain habitats. The children have chosen to find out about, Golden Eagles, Imperial Eagles or Brown Bears and will be using their research next week to write and then publish their own Fact files on these majestic creatures.

We have been busy developing our map reading skills, in our Geography lesson this week, finding settlements across the south of England and then identifying the roads we would travel between two places. In addition we considered other means of transport that link settlements such as rail, bus, paths and even waterways like our beautiful Kennet and Avon Canal. Work on our model of an 11th century settlement continues, watch out on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for a big reveal before half term.


Week 4:

In Maths we used our understanding of fractions to in a Smarties Investigation. The children worked systematically to record their results in table and to express each colour as a fraction of the whole tube. They then went on to identify where these fractions could be expressed as simpler, equivalent fractions.

In English we have finished planning our letters and moved on to our big write. The children took great care with their presentation and ensured they included lots of persuasive language, rhetorical questions and powerful verbs to sway the reader to their point of view. I was incredibly impressed by their arguments both for and against our proposition to get a bear, all inspired by our class book “The Dancing Bear” by Michael Morpurgo.

In RE we used a Pentecost story bucket, full of images to prompt us to retell the story of Pentecost. The children posed as freeze frames depicting the various important stages of this auspicious day, the birth of the Christian Church.

Week 2: 

This week was Science week and year 3 embraced the opportunity to explore new ideas, stretch their imaginations and learn about innovation and how it impacts all our lives.

In Maths we continued to learn about Fractions, looking at expressing tenths as decimals and considering how we can compare fractions, finishing with a mind bending investigation to discover why some lines appear to disappear from a fraction wall as it tumbles down. Was this an optical illusion or was there a mathematical explanation.


In English we learned about Ada Lovelace and her work with Charles Babbage and his Analytical Engine. We discovered it was possible to make paint from materials we could find at home, with a little effort, time and patience. As if that wasn’t enough, we found time to write a persuasive letter to explain why a secret agent wasn’t responsible for the misuse of all the gadgets he had at his disposal.

In Science, with Mrs Keys-Stevens, Year 3 work together to design a classroom of the future. The children then presented their ideas to Mrs P in their English lesson on Thursday and demonstrated fantastic public speaking skills, sharing their work with enthusiasm and keeping Mrs P hooked throughout. Highlights have to include:

  • An automated registration and lunch ordering system, whereby children could sign in with their thumb print and a very polite computer would ask them for their lunch request for the day.
  • Self-stacking chairs and tables – at the push of a button the classroom is clear ready for the cleaners.
  • Interactive tables where personalised lesson activities could be sent from the teacher direct to each pupil – the tables were even able to mark the work!
  • Apple trees in class to provide healthy snacks and snack stations where anything could be made a la Star Trek replicators.
  • Hot chocolate stations for the teacher.
  • 3D printers and vertical storage accessible by floating chairs.
  • Knowledge walls for pre-teaching content.

I can’t wait to have a classroom like this!

Week 1:

It has been wonderful to be back in class together recharged and ready to go after our Easter holidays. The children have jumped straight back into their learning with great enthusiasm.

In Maths, the children demonstrated resilience and persistence in their learning of fractions with work on unit and non unit fraction, the equivalence of a half and two quarters and counting over whole numbers in fractions.

In English, we immersed ourselves in our new class text of The Dancing Bear by Michael Morpurgo, spending quiet time outside for story time. The class have been captivated by this beautiful tale, their recall of the plot and key characters proved excellent and we had some deep discussions about the relationships between the characters.

On Earth Day we focussed on developing our oracy skills in the form of a debate. The children showed conviction when delivering their arguments even those they did not, personally, agree with. Everyone was respectful of each speaker’s presentation and weighed up the conviction with which each point was made when deciding which team had won the debate.  

In Geography, we are learning about settlements and the class have embraced this new topic with great enthusiasm. After looking at what features humans need for a successful settlement, we applied our new knowledge when drafting plans for a whole class 3D model of an 11th century settlement.



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I'm Good - End of term music video!

This term we have spent time at home completing home learning and we have been settling back to school. Our focus has been on the wellbeing and mental health of our school community. To celebrate being back together we learnt a new song "I'm Good" by The Mowgli's and created a music video! 

Our music video has been viewed over 1,000 times and has been liked by THE MOWGLI'S all the way from California! The children should feel very proud of their global success!! :)  


Easter Celebrations 2021!

To celebrate holy week we created a pop up art gallery of crosses that we displayed around the school grounds: 


Our celebrations continued with a "Stations Of The Cross" activity. Each teacher created a multi-sensory experience for a section of the story. The children visited each station and acted out the story, discussed thought-provoking questions, read extracts from the bible and shared prayers. 


Here you can see the children acting out the events of Palm Sunday. 


The last supper. 

The garden of Gethsemane.


Good Friday.  


Easter Sunday. 


We hope that all of the children and families have a fantastic break over the Easter holidays! 




Week beginning 22.03.2021:



Our first week back together has been so much fun. The children have engaged with their learning with energy and enthusiasm from the moment they returned to the classroom.

In maths we have been learning about measuring and comparing length, culminating in an investigation on Friday using Cuisenaire Rods to investigate equivalent lengths of trains. The children embraced and rose to the challenge as this picture shows.

On Monday, we made our helmets, in D & T, in preparation for our re-enactment of the Battle of Hastings.

On Tuesday, we joined forces with year 4, outside, to act out the epic battle between the Normans and the Saxons.

In English we have recapped some of our lockdown learning, including TiPToP paragraphs and making some stunning, spelling rule, posters for our working wall.



The Kintbury Community really came together to make this unusual World Book Day celebration exciting! Take a look at the Newbury Weekly News link to see how we celebrated our love of reading and books:


Here are some photographs of our wonderful children during home learning 2021: 

Click on an image to watch the slideshow! 

Y3 Home Learning Experiences 2021



Lockdown 2021 - 


For information about our remote education provision, please visit this section of our website:


Online Safety Support:


Remote Learning Provision: 

The children are now accessing all learning through Google Classroom both at home and at school for the children of critical workers and children classed as vulnerable. 

We are providing online lessons throughout the day. The children are having regular face to face contact with their class teacher and are hearing from their teachers via marking and feedback tools. 

If you have any questions at all, please contact the school office. 



Term 2 - Week 6:

This week the children have shown maturity and focus by remaining on task throughout their lessons, despite the building excitement of the festive season.

In Maths, we developed our use of Maths language and our teamwork skills whilst recapping addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, knowledge before tackling some truly tricky reasoning and problem solving activities on Wednesday. 

Our focus in English was Acrostic poetry. The children worked brilliant to develop a alphabet of vocabulary around Christmas to help them write poems entitled Peace and Peace on Earth. The children also demonstrated their ability to reflect upon their work in their editing and improvement of their first drafts and the end results were both beautiful and inspiring.

We have also had a highly creative week, finishing our coil pottery with repeated designs inspired by architecture and pottery of the Ancient Greeks. On Friday we really enjoyed singing en masse with the rest of KS2 in all our Christmas Jumper finery. Keep a close eye out for the video links which will be shared with you in the coming days.


Newbury Lantern Trail:

Last week the children in KS2 worked extremely hard to create beautiful lanterns that were included in the Newbury Lantern Trail. We are all very proud at Kintbury St. Mary's Primary School to see our lanterns in the parade! Well done KS2! For more information and videos of the evening, please visit:


A Time Of Giving: 

A huge thank you to everyone for donating to the West Berkshire Foodbank reverse advent calendar. A large number of donations were collected for the Foodbank on Friday. Thank you to everyone for contributing and supporting our local community. 


Christmas Jumper Day for Save The Children: 

On Friday the school was filled with festive cheer for a great cause. All of the children dressed in Christmas Jumpers to raise money for Save The Children. It was wonderful to see so many people dressed up! 

Term 2 - Week 5: 

Year three wrote some well thought out, and easy to follow, instructions which I'm sure would have been highlight effective in guiding troops to rescue Princess Helen from the city of Troy.  They all included the key features in their writing and showed a flair for being in command.


In Maths we showed how brilliantly we work in groups for big paper activities multiplying by three and then used our understanding of the three times table to tackle the inverse operation of dividing by three. 


We combined ICT and Geography this week to research climate , precipitation levels and habitat in the tropics and the polar regions. Our key question was:

 "Why are there no camels in the Antarctic and no icebergs in the Caribbean?"  

We also considered:

 "Where would you get a better sun tan, the arctic or the tropics?"

The children needed to decide what was it about the climates of these two very different regions that applied to our questions, including temperature and hours of daylight. The children recorded their findings, in PowerPoint, ready to share their findings with their classmates. Year 3, once again, showed what amazing team players they can be, by sharing out the work and then combining their findings within 3 larger groups.


Term 2 - Week 4: 

In English, we have been learning about prepositions and, in particular, their importance in writing effective instructions. In Mathematics, in keeping with our new focus on multiplication and division, we have been using our 2 and 5 times table knowledge to aid us in division. We have applied ourselves to start learning our 3x table and have been rocking out at the start of our Maths lesson, using rhythm to help our recall of number facts.

There was a distinctly festive atmosphere in the Year 3 classroom on Thursday. The children worked extremely hard to make salt dough and create colourful decorations for the school Christmas tree in readiness for its arrival next. In true Year 3 style, we challenged ourselves, modelling two different styles of decoration. In addition,  small groups worked with Mrs Thorne and Mrs Cantwell to build lanterns for the lantern trail exhibition being coordinated by Newbury Corn Exchange Community Arts team. Our measuring skills proved to be extremely important when ensuring paper strips for paper chains were cut to the correct length.




Term 2 - Week 2:

This week in Year 3 we have been extremely busy. As mathematicians, we continue to develop our addition and subtraction skills, this week challenging ourselves to tackle calculations involving two 3-digit numbers.

As writers, we have been answering the question “What is an adverb” and thinking about how we can include this descriptive tool in our writing. We also started looking at diary writing and the key features of this type of text. We started planning our write of a diary based on our Now Press Play adventure to Ancient Greece.

As Historians, we have been Athenians Generals. We learned about the different types of soldiers we had in our army and then worked in small groups to plan our battle strategy, considering the most effective deployment of our troops against an invading Persian Force. We then brought history to life by acting out our battle strategies.

In the heat of battle the Athenians hold their line.

Victory to the Athenians!

As a whole school this week we held a Remembrance Day service on the playground (socially distanced). Mrs Ulry painted a special poppy onto the playground and Mr Ulry built a special remembrance garden. Kendra played the last post beautifully, Mrs Veasey and Mrs Cantwell led prayers, and the whole school respectfully took part in 2 minutes of silence at 11am on 11.11.2020. 



Term 2 - Week 1:

We hit the ground running in Maths on Monday, diving enthusiastically back into developing our understanding of addition and subtraction. We tackled adding or subtracting 2 digit numbers to or from a 3 digit number, really focussing on using concrete resources to support our learning. The children have become experts at exchanging one 10 for ten 1s and one 100 for ten 10s whenever we crossed 10s or 100s.


In English, we planned and wrote a Missing Person Report for the Ancient Athenian Police Force. The children really embraced the idea that Danae had become concerned for her son Perseus’ safety and let their imaginations loose to compose some fantastic descriptive writing while also remembering to include subordinating conjunctions in their prose.


Wednesday afternoon saw perfect conditions for some outdoor investigations. Mrs Keys-Stevens took the children outside to record and compare their shadows from one hour to the next. The sunny autumnal afternoon was just perfect for this activity and the children embraced the opportunity, drawing around their shadows and considering what the evidence of the light source moving meant in terms of the rotation of the earth.


Speaking of autumn, many of year 3 shared some beautiful autumn photographs as part of their homework, I wanted to share them all with you, but I’ve only got room for two! Have no fear, they will be on display in our classroom so that we can all enjoy the beauty of autumn, even on the greyest of days.




Term 1 - Week 6:

Year 3 embarked on a new Maths’ learning focus this week, addition and subtraction! We have been consolidating our learning from last year and extending this to include 1 digit numbers to 3 digit numbers. With Mrs Sanders we continue to build on our times table knowledge and this week we added a random element when practising our recall. We had to roll a dice to decide how many times 2, 5 or 10 we had to answer.

During English, we have been exploring contractions in spelling and the key features of an informal letter in Grammar.

In RE we are learning about the biblical creation story and considering The Fall from God’s, Adam’s and Eve’s perspective. We used our group to discussion to inform the writing of our individual newspaper reports for the Eden Times.

Term 1 - Week 5:

In maths this week we have been comparing and ordering numbers, finishing the week with a number line game to show our understanding of counting in 50s.

Miss Palmer :)


Term 1 - Week 4:

As historians this week we discussed democracy and compare the system in ancient Greece to that of the UK today. We felt very strongly that our system was considerably fairer. In art we were sculptors, using clay to mould a bust of Greek God. We needed to be extremely patient and gentle, using a hands and digits to carefully mould the overall shape. Thumbs are particularly good for the getting the curve of the neck just right! We then used clay knives to carve the facial features and flowing locks of our Gods.

Mrs Palmer :)


Term 1 - Week 3:

This week, in year 3, we wrote fabulous descriptions of Kampe, a mythical Greek monster. We shared ideas when planning and used fantastic words like colossal and massive to convey just how huge Kampe appeared.

In science we are learning about the human body. One particularly interesting fact we discovered is that the pipe that carries food from our mouths to our stomachs is called the oesophagus.

Mrs Palmer



Term 1 - Week 2: 

What a busy week we’ve had in year 3. We began our journey as historians working with timelines to work out where this fabulously influential culture fits in with our prior historic studies. Did you know the dates get bigger the further back before Jesus’ birth you look?

Mrs Palmer :)



Term 1 - Week 1: 

Wow, what a lucky teacher I am to be in year 3! 

In just 3 days, we’ve met two word collectors, filled our bodies with words that make us happy, discovered new and exciting words and chosen our favourites, learned that sometimes a word can be a noun and a verb, and hidden words in our original watercolour pictures. We’ve run around in search of things longer, shorter, wider or thinner than our rulers and the children have taught me the fine game of elevensies, at the same time showing me how sporting they are when they are out. I can’t wait for next week with this fantastic class.

Mrs Palmer :)

Listen to the word collector stories here:





Term 3 - Music!

This term we have been working in groups to compose our own music based on the music of Bob Marley!


Term 3 - Division Fun! 

This term we have been exploring division using concrete material.