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Welcome to Early Years Foundation Stage Class!


Meet the team:

Class Teacher: Mrs Ulry

Early Years Support Worker: Miss Hobbs

Early Years Support Worker: Mrs Hunt

PPA cover: Mrs Keys-Stevens


Class Information

Curriculum Updates: 

Each term we will be posting an up to date curriculum overview. This will outline the learning opportunities available for your child throughout the term.

EYFS Class Term 5 Curriculum Documents 2021

EYFS Curriculum Letter Term 5
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Curriculum Map Term 5
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Curriculum Overviews (Robin Class)


Reading Information:



We have recently implemented a brand new and fun Phonics program in Key Stage 1. StoryTime Phonics is a Letters and Sounds based program that teaches phonics through real texts. We are so excited about StoryTime Phonics as it encourages children to immerse themselves in books and links with our school vision to "Create Memories, Build Futures". 

For more information about StoryTime Phonics, please read our poster:  

StoryTime Phonics

StoryTime Phonics Info Sheet
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Class News!


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Week 2:

The pirates have landed this week in Foundation Class. We have been writing for a purpose and writing messages in a bottle as well as wanted posters. We have been halving and sharing in Maths and developing our teamwork skills in den building, pirate role play and hunting treasure. Some of us had to walk the plank! 


Week 1:

Arr Me Hearties! What a week in Foundation!

We have been learning about ‘The Pirates of  Scurvy Sands’ by Jonny Duddle, and have relished being pirates every day.

We have been doubling in maths and loved doubling our hats and eye patches. We have also had to keep an eye on our treasure to make sure we still had 30 pieces of gold. It kept getting stolen, so we had to find it and use our 10 frames to make sure we had it all!

We even had to walk the plank!




Remember to check out our new Social Media Pages for updates throughout the week. Click on the icons below:



Week 5:

We have explored the storybook 'Nobot' this week by Sue Hendra and turned ourselves into robots. It was s-u-c-h fun!

We have designed and made robots, programmed beebot programmable toys, written speech bubbles and labels. We have retold the story and thought of alternative endings. We were very creative.

 We are learning to use numbers up to 20 and explored different numbers using our Numberblocks.

All in one week!

Week 3:

There has been magic in the air this week in Foundation Stage as we have focused on ‘The Room on the Broom’ by Julia Donaldson as our English book. 

We have sequenced the story, retold it using stick puppets, written our own spells and written who we would take on our broom. In Welly Wednesday, we made a broom long enough for our whole group to go on! 

We have had spiders in webs and used 10 frames to 20. We have explored spatial reasoning and tangrams in Maths. We are developing our problem solving skills in a magical way! 


Week 2:

This was a real ‘WOW’ week as we focused on Science Week. We investigated how things move and created our own robots and thought about what jobs they could do. ‘Cleaning up the classroom’, said Mrs Ulry! 

We explored paper aeroplanes, kites, toy cars and magnets. We asked lots of questions and found lots of answers. We were real scientists and inventors this week! 

We have also ran our Daily Mile this week and enjoyed taking part in the challenge on Friday. We were moving too! 


Week 1:

Foundation have had a very exciting week with ‘The Runaway Train’ by Benedict Blythwaite as our English focus book. 

We have learnt about St George’s Day and Earth Day. We have shown respect and hope which are two of our school values. 

We have planted sunflower seeds and wildflowers, we have recycled and learnt about the 4 Rs, reduce, reuse, repair and recycle. We have created some wonderful art images of the world and shared some fantastic stories about looking after our world. 



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I'm Good - End of term music video!

This term we have spent time at home completing home learning and we have been settling back to school. Our focus has been on the wellbeing and mental health of our school community. To celebrate being back together we learnt a new song "I'm Good" by The Mowgli's and created a music video! 

Our music video has been viewed over 1,000 times and has been liked by THE MOWGLI'S all the way over in California! The children should feel very proud! 


Easter Celebrations 2021!

To celebrate holy week we created a pop up art gallery of crosses that we displayed around the school grounds: 


Our celebrations continued with a "Stations Of The Cross" activity. Each teacher created a multi-sensory experience for a section of the story. The children visited each station and acted out the story, discussed thought-provoking questions, read extracts from the bible and shared prayers. 


Here you can see the children acting out the events of Palm Sunday. 


The last supper. 

The garden of Gethsemane.


Good Friday.  


Easter Sunday. 


We hope that all of the children and families have a fantastic break over the Easter holidays! 


Week beginning 22.03.2021:


Another fantastic week Foundation! 

On Monday when we came into the classroom there was so much excitement as some of our tadpoles had hatched! We have watched them grow all week constantly asking ‘are they frogs yet?’ 

We have been learning about The Easter story and have asked some super questions about what happened and why. Lots of us wanted to find out more! 

We have decorated crosses, written prayers and had a fantastic time this week learning our school song so watch this space…. 



EYFS Back to school!

We are so pleased to be back!

We have had the most amazing week! Meeting our friends again and playing in our setting has been brilliant!

We have remembered many of the things that make us great and are happy to be learning again at school.

It has been a bit tiring but we have really enjoyed it and can’t wait for next week!




The Kintbury Community really came together to make this unusual World Book Day celebration exciting! Take a look at the Newbury Weekly News link to see how we celebrated our love of reading and books:


Lockdown Experiences 2021: 

Here are some photographs of our wonderful children during home learning 2021: 

Click on an image to watch the slideshow! 

EYFS Lockdown Experience 2021


Lockdown 2021 - 


For information about our remote education provision, please visit this section of our website:


Online Safety Support:


Remote Learning Provision: 

The children are now accessing all learning through Google Classroom both at home and at school for the children of critical workers and children classed as vulnerable. 

We are providing online lessons throughout the day. The children are having regular face to face contact with their class teacher and are hearing from their teachers via marking and feedback tools. 

If you have any questions at all, please contact the school office. 



Term 2 - Week 5:

This week we have read the story ‘Each peach, pear, plum’ by Janet and Allen Ahlberg and made our own story called ‘Each peach, orange, banana!’ We chose new characters to be in the story.

In Maths we have been learning about 1 more/1 less with the help of the Numberblocks and in Welly Wednesday we have made our own magic wands and made up new magic words.

We had a very special letter delivered this week from Father Christmas! He has sent his cheeky elf to help Mrs Ulry and Miss Hobbs. He is magic and he moves!



Term 2 - Week 4:

We were so excited this week to receive some amazing knitted Numberblocks (thank you Miss Court’s grandma). They look just like the real thing! They have ignited our addition skills this week as we have enjoyed putting them together and making numberbonds to 5 just like in the TV series.

We are working really hard to remember the tricky and decodable words in Phonics and the tricky troll helped us find them outside.

In RE we have been learning about special people and this week we learnt about Moses in the bulrushes and parting the sea. We thought it was magic! Just like Jesus’ miracles.


Term 2 - Week 3:


What a lot of learning this week!

We have a new English book this week which is everyone’s favourite! Elmer by David Mckee. We have had lots of colour activities and tried to write the initial sound or dominant sounds of each colour. We have created story maps and thought of descriptive words to describe Elmer.

We have learnt about the numbers 3 and 4 this week and explored these in shape and number.

We have also learned about Diwali this week and enjoyed diwali dancing with ribbons as well as card making, rangoli patterns and much more!


Term 2 - Week 2:

What a busy week!

We have been busy learning our tricky words and decodable words in Phonics and have been learning about the number 2 in Maths. We have created our own clay animals during Welly Wednesday linking to our Science learning and have been increbibly respectful during our Remembrance service. This is always a hard concept for children so small but we learnt about why we remember and listened really well.

I am so proud of you Foundation!

As a whole school this week we held a Remembrance Day service on the playground (socially distanced). Mrs Ulry painted a special poppy onto the playground and Mr Ulry built a special remembrance garden. Kendra played the last post beautifully, Mrs Veasey and Mrs Cantwell led prayers, and the whole school respectfully took part in 2 minutes of silence at 11am on 11.11.2020. 



Term 2 - Week 1:

This week we have been learning about ‘The Three Little Pigs’. We have acted out the story using props, made masks and used Now Press Play.

In Maths we have explored the numbers 0 and 1. We have watched Numberblocks to help us understand what 1 means. We have looked at 1 more, 1 less than a number, 1 o’clock, 1p coins, and each of us found 1 object in the classroom but it couldn’t be the same as any other object.

In Science, we are learning about animals and have learned what nocturnal and diurnal mean.




TERM 1: 

Term 1 - Week 6:

We have taken our Story Time Phonics outside this week and had an amazing time trying to find the dinosaur from ‘The Dinosaur who lost his roar!’ Hide and seek with a difference!

More teamwork this week which we used in our maths when comparing numbers. We were able to make bodyboard trains by working together. Who had more and who had less?

We have explored our sense of sound in Science and went not on ‘a bear hunt’ but on a ‘sound hunt’ on Welly Wednesday. What did we hear?



Term 1 - Week 5:

Our week has been full of risk taking, exploring and trying new things. We ventured onto the large apparatus having filled our marble jar. We have used Now Press Play and became different characters in the story using wireless headphones. This linked to our RE learning on Special People. Miss Hobbs was so excited, so were we!

More teamwork again this week, we are a great class and we are loving our learning!



Term 1 - Week 4:


What a wonderful week full of StoryTime Phonics in Foundation; munching marmalade toast, walking the pirate plank, finding Incy Wincy and driving fire engines whilst learning the phonemes m,p,I,n.  We had a very wet Welly Wednesday, we have sorted objects in Maths, explored senses in Science and so much more. We have been using our teamwork skills to work together this week and we have had such fun constructing roads and towers. Such a lot of learning; measuring our towers, counting the blocks and comparing them. Making patterns and brilliant balancing and solving problems.

I’m so excited for next week!


Term 1 - Week 3:

What a week we have had in Foundation! 

We have begun our Storytime phonic sessions and are busy learning new actions to help remember the phonemes. We have read 'My Pet Snake', 'The Big Sneeze' and 'Tip Tap the Dancing Cat' and played lots of games. Phonics is fun!



Term 1 - Week 2:

We have had a fabulous week in Foundation. We have been making friends, sharing and taking turns and learning all about conflict resolution.  We are having fun playing together and learning all about school. 


Term 1 - Week 1: 

Each year I am amazed by how well our newest and youngest children settle into school at this time of year and this year is no exception! 

Our Reception class have had a fabulous 3 days exploring the classroom environment, making new friends, and settling in. There is so much to learn and it has been so exciting. 

We have been learning about ‘The Word Collector’ by Peter H Reynolds. We have been completing activities focusing on our names, recognising our names, and finding the longest/shortest names in the class amongst many things. 

I have been so proud of our newest children this week. I can’t wait for next week! 

Mrs Ulry :)


You can listen to "The Word Collector" story, read by Barack and Michelle Obama here:







February Half Term Homework Fun!

Here are our favourite moments from Term 3...


Welly Wednesday - Every Wednesday Mrs Clarke leads outdoor learning. In this picture we are creating crowns using natural materials:

Music - Mr Meaney worked with us to complete some fun music activities! 

Write Dance - During this session we complete fun activities to improve our gross motor and fine motor skills!

Construction Time! We are given lots of opportunities to build throughout the day: 

Now Press Play! We have been using this fantastic new piece of equipment to transport us into different worlds!

Outside Exploration and Child Initiated Play: We are given lots of time to explore and investigate the world around us.