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Class Teacher: Miss Hannon

Learning Support Assistant: Mrs Sanders

Learning Support Assistant: Mrs Hutchings

Learning Support Assistant: Mrs Mansfield


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Class News!


Lockdown 2021 - 


For information about our remote education provision, please visit this section of our website:


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Remote Learning Provision: 

The children are now accessing all learning through Google Classroom both at home and at school for the children of critical workers and children classed as vulnerable. 

We are providing online lessons throughout the day. The children are having regular face to face contact with their class teacher and are hearing from their teachers via marking and feedback tools. 

If you have any questions at all, please contact the school office. 



Term 2 - Week 5:

Year 4 have had a fabulous week! They have multiplied and divided by 1, 0, 10 and 100 and are also working very hard on learning their times-tables. We have also been developing our mathematical language including; factors, products, inverse and commutative calculations.

They have had a very crafty week including making lanterns for the Newbury Lantern Trail and Christmas decorations.

All term Year 4 have been working hard on earning a ‘treat day’ through trying their best, listening, being respectful and kind. Today it was finally earned and the children behaved superbly throughout a lovely day of games, craft and a brilliant zoom session with Hannah from the National Archives! The children were ‘expert detectives’, looking at copies of real historical documents and searching for evidence. They absolutely loved it, behaved brilliantly and asked Hannah some fantastic questions. Have a restful weekend Year 4!


Term 2 - Week 4:

Year 4 have worked so hard on their stories this week. They have developed their suspense writing and planned their story carefully, writing a chapter at a time. Everyone put a huge effort in to making this the best story they have ever written so well done Year 4.


In maths we are moving on to multiplication and division, the children have made a brilliant start and have already multiplied by 10 and 100, next week we will begin dividing.


In Science the children really enjoyed a 'chocolate experiment' and in Art we are beginning to craft some beautiful Christmas decorations for the hall which involved leaf printing and marbling.


Term 2 - Week 3:


Year 4 have had another busy week! They have been converting between measurements including mm, cm, M and KM in Maths and today solved problems involving perimeter.

In English they wrote fantastic character descriptions using a range of descriptive techniques. Today they learned what it means to be a writer by getting really stuck in to editing! Well done Year 4! They have been designing their own unusual hotels and can’t wait to write their stories next week using their hotel settings.

In History the children investigated military strategy for the Battle of Marathon! Putting themselves in the role of the Athenian army generals, the children evaluated the strengths and weaknesses of the psiloi, cavalry, peltasts and hoplites and used to inform their strategies. We then brought history to life by re-enacting it and discussed how the very first marathon runner Pheidippides has influenced our modern day life!


Term 2 - Week 2:

This week Year 4 have really consolidated their knowledge of addition and subtraction written methods as well as explored effective checking strategies such as using the inverse operation. Further to this they have considered how to choose which method is most effective for a mathematical problem, whether that is choosing a particular mental strategy or using a written method.


In English we are building up to writing a character description and are continuing to develop our descriptive techniques as well as using a range of sentence types to vary the pace and keep our reader hooked. We have been reading the Nothing to See Here Hotel every day which the children are really enjoying!


They have also made fantastic coil pots in Art and next week will add their own designs inspired by Ancient Greece.


As a whole school this week we held a Remembrance Day service on the playground (socially distanced). Mrs Ulry painted a special poppy onto the playground and Mr Ulry built a special remembrance garden. Kendra played the last post beautifully, Mrs Veasey and Mrs Cantwell led prayers, and the whole school respectfully took part in 2 minutes of silence at 11am on 11.11.2020. 




Term 2 - Week 1:

This week the children have been using written methods to subtract 4 digit numbers. We are now exchanging more than once which has really challenged some children's understanding of place value but every child has persevered and made brilliant progress!


We are now preparing to write stories at the end of the term and are upskilling our narrative writing skills beginning this week with setting descriptions. The children thought really carefully about what exactly is needed to hook in our reader and create the mood of the setting. They wrote fantastic setting descriptions of abandoned places including using a range of ambitious adjectives, effective verbs, expanded noun phrases and fronted adverbials. Well done Year 4!


Our new PSHE unit is 'Celebrating Differences' and this week we spent a little extra time thinking about how and why we might make assumptions about people and what the effect of that is.



Term 1 - Week 6:

Year 4 have been journalists this week and have been completely immersed in writing eye-catching headlines and really fantastic news reports. They have worked really hard on this and should be really proud!

In maths we have been comparing and ordering numbers, looking as the language of 'ascending' and 'descending'.

In PE they have continued to work on their athletic skills, this week exploring endurance in running. 


Term 1 - Week 5:

This week the children have been investigating the story of Perseus and the Gorgon Medusa to prepare their newspaper report on the gory events. In Science they have been learning about teeth and made incredible models, thinking about the different shapes of their teeth. In Maths, they have continued develop their understanding of partitioning and counting in 1000s. In Art they made really impressive busts of Zeus from clay, well done Year 4! A big thank you also goes out to all the children and parents who have been working hard at home to make lots of delicious apple pies and crumbles and creating fact files all about Greece.

Miss Hannon :)



Term 1 - Week 3:

Another busy week has flown by for Year 4!

The children have been identifying numbers on a number line and applying this knowledge of place value to round numbers to 10 and 100. They have also been absolutely hooked on getting into their Ancient Greek 'slave' characters and preparing to write their letters on Monday. They have been exploring ways to draw our readers in describing the 5 senses in their writing. They have also practised athletic skills in PE and considered why God wants us to explore the world through science in RE.

Miss Hannon :) 


Term 1 - Week 2:

This week the children have got stuck into their Gods and Mortals topic by exploring the story of Persephone and the Pomegranate and then having a go at writing their own Greek myths. We've also taken our lessons outdoors when we can including acting out scenarios in PSHCE and locating cities within the UK in geography. The children have worked really hard in maths as they revise place value and then apply this understanding to solve problems. It's been a great week, well done Year 4!

Miss Hannon :)


Term 1 - Week 1:

Year 4 have been full of smiles and energy this week and it was so wonderful to welcome them all back to school!

This week they made a brilliant start on number and place value in Maths and in English they were inspired by the Word Collector, which the children loved. We have started our own word collection and are determined to use these and many more wonderful words to inspire our writing throughout the year! The children used dictionaries to find their meanings and determine whether they were nouns, verbs or adjectives.

Year 4 have also filled an art gallery with absolutely beautiful portraits of each other and have also been thinking about what they would like to achieve by the end of the year. Year 4 were also introduced to their history and geography theme 'Gods and Mortals' and are really excited to learn more about the Ancient Greeks! This theme will also inspire our English lessons, this week we will learn about what it was like to be a slave in Ancient Greece and write a letter, explaining we have been captured!

Miss Hannon :)


You can watch "The Word Collector" by Peter H Reynolds here: 




Ufton Court Trip - Tudor Day!

Here are some photos of our favourite moments from our fantastic trip:


We were trained as "expert Weavers"


Some of us got to model new woven beards!

Fence building!

We took part in a crime and punishment session! Here we are in the docks:


Term 3 - Religious Education - Sedar Meal! 

During this session we discussed the following questions; "What does each food represent" and "Why do you think this?"