Year 6

Welcome to Year 6!


Meet the team:

Class Teacher: Mrs Middleton

Learning Support Assistant: Mrs Graham

Learning Support Assistant: Mrs Bailey


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Year 6 Autumn Term Letter
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Class News!

Term 1 - Week 3:

Year 6 have worked hard this week to complete their presentations about their chosen charity. These have been recorded and will be shared with the rest of the school this week. All children will then vote for one of the charities, which will our charity for this year.


In maths we have revisited rounding and negative numbers. The children also practised their measuring skills by making apple crumble. They made two different versions so they can decide which one they prefer. 


In R.E. we have been discussing The Creation story from Genesis and asking whether a person can be a Christian and a Scientist. The children have drawn their own interpretation of the beginning of the Universe. In History we have been learning more about Queen Victoria with a view to writing a biography in our next lesson. The children have also been introduced to our new scheme of Personal, Social, Health and Emotion work with our theme this term being 'Being Me in my World'. 

Mrs Middleton :)


Term 1 - Week 1: 

It has been fantastic to welcome back our new Year 6 children! It has been an incredibly busy few days...

English - we based our learning on The Word Collector. We imagined what it would be like for an alien to land on earth and only have 30 words to communicate to humans with. We then chose 20 more words to help us communicate with. Finally, we have a write a short story using only the 50 words!

In Maths we are reminding ourselves about Place Value. In History, as preparation for learning more about the Victorians, we had to sort 15 key events in history to check our understanding of chronological order, from the Neolithic age to the present monarch.

Finally we have started to discuss which charities we would like to support this year. Next week we will begin to create our presentations together in readiness for showing the rest of the school. 

Mrs Middleton :)

You can access "The Word Collector" by Peter H Reynolds here:







Term 3 - Outdoor Learning Fun!

This term half of the class have been taking part in Outdoor Learning lessons with Mrs Mansfield. The Year 5 + 6 children have absolutely loved these sessions. The activities have helped to increase resilience, build confidence and have allowed the children to work as a team. Here are some of our favourite moments: 


Term 3 - Frozen Planet Science!

This term in Science we have been completing a range of investigations. Our favourite Science moment this term was from a lesson investigating the effect of salt on icebergs and how the salt affects the water molecules. Take a look at our investigation photographs: