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Class Teacher: Mrs Middleton

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Class News!


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Week 2:

Congratulations to Year 6 for completing their SATs style exams. The children have had a week of exams in Maths and English. To help cope with the exams Year 6 enjoyed croissants, crumpets, brioche and bagels each morning. 

Young Enterprise:  during assemblies to KS1 and then KS2, the children gave very exciting presentations about their businesses. The rest of the school listened attentively and seemed very keen about buying the products.

The Newbury Weekly News paid us a visit to take a photo of the children for their 'Moving Up' section. 


'The Pirates of the Curry Bean' - this week we have begun our rehearsals for the KS2 play with a vengeance. We have added some actions to our singing and really focused on saying our lines without a script. 



Tom, Berkshire Cricket Foundation. We are really pleased to have Tom, a coach from West Berkshire Cricket, running our cricket club. On Tuesday we had 24 very enthusiastic children taking part in a range of activities and then completing the session with a short game. Unfortunately, the club is full so we can't take any more children at the moment although we do have a waiting list. 

Week 2:

What a great start to the term from Year 5 and 6.

In Maths this week we had a revision week of our number knowledge and the four operations, especially long division.   In English we wrote a piece of emotion driven narrative, imaging how an evacuee would feel when meeting their host family.

In PE we are very luck this term to have Mr Nick Sutton, from Park House School, teaching us dance. With his help, we are choreographing some of the dances for the KS2 play.  

In History we looked at the role of women during the Second World War and created a propaganda poster. In R.E., our focus this term and we began the unit by discussing perceptions. We had some really good ideas and thoughts. In RSE Year 6 began looking at the difference between male and females. With Year 5, we began to discuss body image, looking at how the media can manipulate images and how this can make people feel.

The play must go on! I am really proud of our Year 5/6 class because on Thursday we began our rehearsal for the KS2 play. Thank you to those children who have already begun to learn their lines.

Thank you Year 5/6 for a great week.



Week 5:

Another busy but enjoyable week in Year 6

In Maths this week we have moved onto statistics, learning about line graphs, the features of a circle, ready for when we looked at Pie Charts.

In English we have continued with our class book, Goodnight Mister Tom, this week focusing on writing an Evacuation Report for Willie and then writing a dialogue between Tom and Willie. We also completed a reading comprehension about the Second World War.

In our SPaG work we revised object, subject and relative clauses.


On Friday afternoon the Year 6 boys had the chance to bury our gift from Ramsbury Estate, following their visit to us recently. As part of their talk the children leart that if you buried a pair of cotton pants, if the soil is in good condition, they will decompose in two months. We left the waist band sticking out of the soil so we could find them in two months. Let’s wait and see!

Year 5/6

In RE we are studying Hinduism and looked at what you need to do as a Hindu to help you achieve Moksha. Some Hindus give up all their world possessions and become a sadhu. I asked the children if they would consider giving up all their worldly possession but many weren’t keen.

In History we have completed our work about evacuees, creating another two pages of our World War Two book.


Year 5 PSHE.

The focus this week was understanding more about alcohol. We read out some key facts about alcohol and discussed if we agree with them. We worked together to make a puzzle out of the key facts. On Wednesday it was lovely to welcome back Mrs, Veasey, who talked about the Assumption. We were so proud of how the child sat, listened and shared their understanding.








Week 4

In Maths this week we have completed our Geometry focus, whereby we looked at the internal angles of a triangle and quadrilateral shapes and calculating missing angles. We had great fun identifying the types and number of angles in particular friends. In English we have enjoyed reading together the first chapter of ‘Goodnight Mister Tom’ and have written our setting description. We have also created our notes ready to write a character description. 

In PE we have focussed this week on improving our team work and our batting skills through playing rounders. The children really improved their fielding skills.

On Thursday Year 5/6 really enjoyed learning more about evacuees during the Second World War. We discussed where children would be sent if they need to be evacuee and each child received their own label showing them where they would go. Some of them didn’t seem very happy! In RE we discussed the Hindu belief of ‘karma’, finding out the difference between good karma and bad karma.

Well done Year 5/6 for another lovely week.

Week 3

In Maths this week we have completed our work on scaling and begun to learn about angles. The children have been learning how to use a protractor which, at times, they found challenging. In English we have completed our War Poetry, which the children performed to the rest of the class.

In History we have enjoyed learning about how World War Two started, creating our own timeline to record key events. Well done to all the children who auditioned for our school play. Mrs Cantwell, Mrs O'Halloran and I enjoyed listening to their performances.  


Week 2:

In Maths the children looked at ratios and simplifying ratios. We also practised some SATS type questions. 

In English we continued with our theme of War Poetry, looking at emotional language, metaphors, similes and personification to help our writing.  We also complete a SATs style reading comprehension and SPaG questions. 

What another exciting week with year 5/6, making the most of Science week. On Wednesday we had a really interesting talk from Duncan and Hazel, from Ramsbury Estate, explaining the type of technology they use in the farm. The quiz I created afterwards showed how well Year 5/6 listened to this fascinating presentation. On Thursday afternoon, the children created an experiment, based on Ingenuities’ activity on Mars, whereby the children investigated the use of different weights of paper to create a helicopter. 

In PSHE,  we discussed basic first aid, looking at the recovery position. After a demonstration, the children worked with a partner to put them in the recovery position.  In History we designed a front cover for our World War Two book.  


Week 1:

What a lovely first week back, with the sun shining. In Maths, we have completed our work on volume and have just begun looking at ratios. In English, the focus is War Poetry, whereby we performed a poem, we analysed Wilfred Owen’s poem, Dolce et Decorum Est. In Guided Reading, we are sharing, The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas by John Boyne.

In History we began our topic of World War Two. We discussed what we already know and started to create a timeline of key events. The children are excited about creating their own World War Two book.

In R.E, our focus is Hinduism. Our theme for the first lesson was ‘consequences’, and we enjoyed the picture book, Slam! By Adam Stower, which look at the consequences of our actions, a very important part of Hinduism.



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I'm Good - End of term music video!

This term we have spent time at home completing home learning and we have been settling back to school. Our focus has been on the wellbeing and mental health of our school community. To celebrate being back together we learnt a new song "I'm Good" by The Mowgli's and created a music video! 

Our music video has been viewed over 1,000 times and has been liked by THE MOWGLI'S all the way from California! The children should feel very proud of their global success!! :)  


Easter Celebrations 2021!

To celebrate holy week we created a pop up art gallery of crosses that we displayed around the school grounds: 


Our celebrations continued with a "Stations Of The Cross" activity. Each teacher created a multi-sensory experience for a section of the story. The children visited each station and acted out the story, discussed thought-provoking questions, read extracts from the bible and shared prayers. 


Here you can see the children acting out the events of Palm Sunday. 


The last supper. 

The garden of Gethsemane.


Good Friday.  


Easter Sunday. 


We hope that all of the children and families have a fantastic break over the Easter holidays! 





In Maths this week we completed our work on converting measures. On Friday we then moved onto area and perimeter.

In English we continuing learning about the French Pilot, Jacqueline Auriol, ending the week with writing our biography. For our grammar focus we revisited pronouns, active/ passive verbs and direct/indirect speech.

Our R.E focus was The Kingdom of God, whereby the children compared the parable of The Feast and the parable of the Vineyard. The children explored what the main messages of the parables were.

For Art this week we continued our focus of photography. Capturing images of our school building, we then traced over the pictures with a plastic sheet, colouring parts of the image to create a piece of window art. In Geography, we used atlases to identify capital cities, countries and oceans. To complete our lesson we used Google Maps to focus on particular landmarks. In Science the children investigated the human heart.

Another busy week in year 6!




What a lovely return to school for Year 6. It is good to have them back.

This week we have continued with our work that we started during remote learning on converting measurements. In English we began a new topic, using a film of Jacqueline Auriol as a stimulus for writing. We are planning to write her biography.

Year 5/6 – on Monday, during art, we explored taking pictures using everyday objects. A colander creating some interesting shadows. In geography, we completed our third lesson about European cities.




The Kintbury Community really came together to make this unusual World Book Day celebration exciting! Take a look at the Newbury Weekly News link to see how we celebrated our love of reading and books:


Lockdown 2021 - 


For information about our remote education provision, please visit this section of our website:


Online Safety Support:


Remote Learning Provision: 

The children are now accessing all learning through Google Classroom both at home and at school for the children of critical workers and children classed as vulnerable. 

We are providing online lessons throughout the day. The children are having regular face to face contact with their class teacher and are hearing from their teachers via marking and feedback tools. 

If you have any questions at all, please contact the school office. 



Term 2 - Week 6

In R.E. we continued our focus about God, exploring Bible text which described God. Rail travel was our focus in geography, looking at the first railways and locomotives. 

Newbury Lantern Trail:

Last week the children in KS2 worked extremely hard to create beautiful lanterns that were included in the Newbury Lantern Trail. We are all very proud at Kintbury St. Mary's Primary School to see our lanterns in the parade! Well done KS2! For more information and videos of the evening, please visit:


A Time Of Giving: 

A huge thank you to everyone for donating to the West Berkshire Foodbank reverse advent calendar. A large number of donations were collected for the Foodbank on Friday. Thank you to everyone for contributing and supporting our local community. 


Christmas Jumper Day for Save The Children: 

On Friday the school was filled with festive cheer for a great cause. All of the children dressed in Christmas Jumpers to raise money for Save The Children. It was wonderful to see so many people dressed up! 


Term 2 - Week 5:

In Maths this week, the focus has been multiplying and dividing fractions, which has been very challenging. In English, we have written a persuasive letter to the Prime Minister asking him to protect the rights of mechanicals.  

As R.E. was on his feast day, we learnt all about St. Andrew the patron saint of Scotland. In geography, we were able to build our bridges, testing their strengths with weights. We needed to ensure the two towers of the bridge were at least 20cm apart! On Friday afternoon, we also had time to complete some of our Christmas decorations. A nice ending  to another busy week.  



Term 2 - Week 4:

This week Year 6 have experienced a practice SATs week completing papers from a previous week. I was very impressed by how the children approached the assessments. We have begun to go through the assessments, discussing how to answer each questions. 

What a lovely,  busy craft morning we had on Friday. The children took part in four activities: lantern making, salt dough Christmas decorations, snowman picture and paper chains to decorate the hall. Year 5 also had time to make a sword ready for their drama performance on Wednesday. Thank you to Mrs. Cantwell, Mrs. Graham and Mrs. Bailey for all their help.


Term 2 - Week 3:


In English on Monday, we completed a cold task of writing a diary entry for Robert and then on Friday we completed a hot task, writing an exciting diary for our main character, Lily. In Maths the focus has been adding and subtracting fractions, including mixed numbers. We completed the week by looking at Reasoning and Problem solving questions. 

In Geography we continued to investigate British rivers, by researching the source of the rivers. In R.E. we began a new topic posing the question, 'What does it mean if God is and loving?' We discussed words to describe God and then drew a picture of what we thought God looked liked or what we felt Christian's felt God looked like, depending on our own belief. Some of these pictures were added to our R.E. display. 

PSHE: Working as part of a group we revisited our challenge of building the highest tower using newspapers. This time the children were each given a specific role within the group and a particular task. Well done to the winning group for building a tower that could be free standing for a least one minute. 


Term 2 - Week 2:

I am really enjoying using our book, Cogheart by Peter Bunzl, to teach English as I am seeing some lovely writing from it. This week Year 6 wrote a newspaper report about the disappearance of John Hartman, Lily's father. In spelling the focus was homophones. In Maths we began our work on fractions, by simplifying them and converting mixed numbers. On Friday, during PSHE, Year 5 were set the challenge to work in small teams to build the highest tower with limited resources. Unfortunately, during the challenge resources became scarcer and each group lost some of their resources! Next week we shall continue this focus, linking it to the resources available on our planet. Following our Remembrance Day assembly, I asked Year 5/6s why we still celebrate Remembrance Day and it was wonderful discussing all the families who had distance family involved in the forces and previous World Wars. I shared with the class a letter from one of Arthur's relatives, who was a Chaplain in the First Word War, which helped us think about the great sacrifices made for our freedom.


As a whole school this week we held a Remembrance Day service on the playground (socially distanced). Mrs Ulry painted a special poppy onto the playground and Mr Ulry built a special remembrance garden. Kendra played the last post beautifully, Mrs Veasey and Mrs Cantwell led prayers, and the whole school respectfully took part in 2 minutes of silence at 11am on 11.11.2020. 



Term 2 - Week 1:

It has been a busy start to the term for Year 6. In Maths we looked at prime numbers, squared and cubed numbers. We also revisited BIDMAS where we looked at the order of operations. Ask your child to explain what BIDMAS means.

In English we were introduced to our new and exciting book, Cogheart by Peter Bunzl. The children completed reading comprehensions which helped them practise their retrieval and inference skills.

The children also designed an advertisement for selling a mechanical fox, one of the characters in the story.  

In Year 5/6 R.E. we created our reflection corner and also updated our R.E. display with the wonderful pictures of Autumn from home learning, a wonderful illustration of God's creation.



Term 1 - Week 6:

Well, where is the time going! Year 6 this week focussed on revisiting short division. They realised how important it is to know all of our times tables. In English the children wrote a character description of the Artful Dodger, trying to include similes and metaphors. In spellings they have now completed revisiting the Year 3/4 Statutory spelling list and the spellings they have taken home this week are their own personalised spellings from this list. 

In History the children explored the type of jobs Victorian children may have had to do. In PSHE Year 5 learnt more about the Rights of Children. In Year 6 the children learnt the difference between a migrant and a refugee. They thought about all the challenges a refugee child may experience when moving to a new country. We had some interesting discussions. '


Term 1 - Week 5:

This week the focus has been on revisiting short multiplication and getting ready to begin long multiplication this week. In English we have been writing a character description of Oliver Twist.  In spellings we have looked at exciting adjectives. In R.E. we have had some interesting discussions about whether a person can be a Christian and also a Scientist, as we talk about the creation of the Universe. In History we completed our biography of Queen Victoria.  In Science the class investigated shadows.

Mrs Middleton :)


Term 1 - Week 3:

Year 6 have worked hard this week to complete their presentations about their chosen charity. These have been recorded and will be shared with the rest of the school this week. All children will then vote for one of the charities, which will our charity for this year.


In maths we have revisited rounding and negative numbers. The children also practised their measuring skills by making apple crumble. They made two different versions so they can decide which one they prefer. 


In R.E. we have been discussing The Creation story from Genesis and asking whether a person can be a Christian and a Scientist. The children have drawn their own interpretation of the beginning of the Universe. In History we have been learning more about Queen Victoria with a view to writing a biography in our next lesson. The children have also been introduced to our new scheme of Personal, Social, Health and Emotion work with our theme this term being 'Being Me in my World'. 

Mrs Middleton :)


Term 1 - Week 1: 

It has been fantastic to welcome back our new Year 6 children! It has been an incredibly busy few days...

English - we based our learning on The Word Collector. We imagined what it would be like for an alien to land on earth and only have 30 words to communicate to humans with. We then chose 20 more words to help us communicate with. Finally, we have a write a short story using only the 50 words!

In Maths we are reminding ourselves about Place Value. In History, as preparation for learning more about the Victorians, we had to sort 15 key events in history to check our understanding of chronological order, from the Neolithic age to the present monarch.

Finally we have started to discuss which charities we would like to support this year. Next week we will begin to create our presentations together in readiness for showing the rest of the school. 

Mrs Middleton :)

You can access "The Word Collector" by Peter H Reynolds here:







Term 3 - Outdoor Learning Fun!

This term half of the class have been taking part in Outdoor Learning lessons with Mrs Mansfield. The Year 5 + 6 children have absolutely loved these sessions. The activities have helped to increase resilience, build confidence and have allowed the children to work as a team. Here are some of our favourite moments: 


Term 3 - Frozen Planet Science!

This term in Science we have been completing a range of investigations. Our favourite Science moment this term was from a lesson investigating the effect of salt on icebergs and how the salt affects the water molecules. Take a look at our investigation photographs: