Year 2 Class

Welcome to Year 2! 




Meet The Team: 

Class Teacher: Miss Floyd

Learning Support Assistant: Mrs Self

Learning Support Assistant: Mrs Dancey

Learning Support Assistant: Mrs Mansfield

PPA cover: Mrs Keys-Stevens


Class Information

Curriculum Updates: 

Year 2 Parent Information Term 1 2020-2021

Year 2, Term 2, Curriculum Map
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Year 2, Term 2 - Homework Grid
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Year 2 Parent Information Term 1 2020-2021

Year 2 Term 1 Curriculum Map
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Year 2 Autumn Term Letter
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Family Learning Grid Term 1
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Reading Information:



We are launching StoryTime Phonics this week!

We have recently purchased a brand new and fun Phonics program in Key Stage 1. StoryTime Phonics is a Letters and Sounds based program that teaches phonics through real texts. We are so excited about StoryTime Phonics as it encourages children to immerse themselves in books and links with our school vision to "Create Memories, Build Futures". All of the staff have had the StoryTime Phonics training and are now preparing the resources needed to implement this new way of teaching Phonics. This will be rolled out to the children and parents in Term 3!

For more information about StoryTime Phonics, please read our poster:  

StoryTime Phonics

StoryTime Phonics Info Sheet
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Class News!



I'm Good - End of term music video!

This term we have spent time at home completing home learning and we have been settling back to school. Our focus has been on the wellbeing and mental health of our school community. To celebrate being back together we learnt a new song "I'm Good" by The Mowgli's and created a music video! 

Our music video has been viewed over 1,000 times and has been liked by THE MOWGLI'S all the way from California! The children should feel very proud of their global success!! :)  


Easter Celebrations 2021!

To celebrate holy week we created a pop up art gallery of crosses that we displayed around the school grounds: 


Our celebrations continued with a "Stations Of The Cross" activity. Each teacher created a multi-sensory experience for a section of the story. The children visited each station and acted out the story, discussed thought-provoking questions, read extracts from the bible and shared prayers. 


Here you can see the children acting out the events of Palm Sunday. 


The last supper. 

The garden of Gethsemane.


Good Friday.  


Easter Sunday. 


We hope that all of the children and families have a fantastic break over the Easter holidays! 



Week beginning 22.03.2021:

Another action packed week in Year 2 has come to an end! We have been having a great time in English, creating our very own picture books of the Easter Story. We have been using drama techniques to discuss the thoughts and feelings of the different characters. The children have also been using watercolours to create the illustrations for the picture books. In Forest School with Mrs Mansfield this week we have been merging Maths and nature by exploring symmetrical bugs. It has been a busy and brilliant week, good work Year 2!




Week beginning 15.03.2021: 

This week has been packed with fun learning in all areas of the curriculum. We have been working on retelling the Easter Story in English by creating story maps and acting out a retelling of the story. In Maths we have been focussing on Multiplication by consolidating and extending our understanding. The children have also been thinking about our calm corner and how we can manage our emotions, we created some calming squishies for home too! We started to experiment with colour and shade using watercolours in art by creating some beautifully patterned eggs! 


The children also raised lots of money for Comic Relief on Friday by creating and performing their own jokes in a stand up comedy routine. Mrs Dancey and Mrs Self said that this was hilarious!! Another super week in Year 2! :)



We are all back together again and it has been lovely! What a great week! Our week has been full of learning through talk and play! We have spent a lot of time working together, getting used to school routines and working as a whole class again. The best part about this week has been seeing the huge smiles on the children's faces while they have been completing activities. We are all so pleased to be back! 



The Kintbury Community really came together to make this unusual World Book Day celebration exciting! Take a look at the Newbury Weekly News link to see how we celebrated our love of reading and books:



Here are some photographs of our wonderful children during home learning 2021: 

Click on an image to watch the slideshow! 

Year 2 Home Learning Experiences 2021



Lockdown 2021 - 


For information about our remote education provision, please visit this section of our website:


Online Safety Support:


Remote Learning Provision: 

The children are now accessing all learning through Google Classroom both at home and at school for the children of critical workers and children classed as vulnerable. 

We are providing online lessons throughout the day. The children are having regular face to face contact with their class teacher and are hearing from their teachers via marking and feedback tools. 

If you have any questions at all, please contact the school office. 



Term 2 - Week 5:

All of our learning has surrounded the Nativity this week! We have started to practise the acting and have been mapping out where our Nativity will take place as we are using the outdoor areas. It has been great to see such confident acting skills, singing and dancing. The children are working hard to project their voices and the enthusiasm has been amazing! 

On Tuesday 1st December, Christmas arrived in Year 2 and we were able to have a Christmas craft day! This was so much fun! We were able to decorate the Christmas tree, make snowflakes, snow-chains, Christmas pudding decorations and baubles. It was such a festive day and really put us into the Christmas spirit. We also wrote letters to Father Christmas but these letters were a little different. We nominated someone special to be given a special gift this year. Each child chose a family member or a friend to nominate and the letters were very heart warming to read, we really do have a very kind and caring class! I am sure Father Christmas will LOVE these letters. 

Next week we look forward to filming our Nativity play! 


Term 2 - Week 4:

This week we have been continuing to focus on "Field Trip To The Moon" by John Hare in English. We have been designing Moon Buggies and looking at the features of adverts. The children have had great fun picking out and creating their own sentences using alliteration. In Maths we have been adding and subtracting tens. The children are becoming very confident when building and drawing concrete materials. 

In the afternoons we have been spening a lot of time learning all about the Christmas Story and practising our Nativity songs. We can't wait to start practising the acting next week! 


Term 2 - Week 3:

It has been a week of busy learning! We have been completing our Field Trip To The Moon diaries during a drama trip to Mars! The progress that the children have been making in their writing is superb and attention to detail is brilliant. We have been working hard to consolidate our understanding of related facts in Maths which the children have embraced and have used to help them solve problems and find patterns! 

We have also introduced the Year 2 children to our Nativity script and songs this week. They have been singing (socially distanced and safely) beautifully, we have seen some amazing acting skills and the dancing is incredible! We are all very excited about Christmas already!!! 


Term 2 - Week 2:

This week has been incredibly busy with Remembrance Day preparations, Children In Need Fundraising, as well as our day to day learning. 

In English this week we continued to focus on diary writing and consolidating our understanding of key sentence building tools. We also created information pages about our solar system. In Maths this week we have been using our problem-solving skills to develop our understanding of addition and subtraction.

The phonics fairy visited our classroom this week and left the text "Whiffy Wilson" by Caryl Hart. We explored the phoneme "wh" and memorised the caption action "wh wh whiffy Wilson". The children had different jobs to do, some children had to help the character Dotty (played by our lovely teaching assistant Mrs Self) to clean mud off of word cards and read them. Other children had to dip into Whiffy Wilson's bathtub and find word cards, exploring the grapheme "wh" and the different sounds it can make, for example the words when and who. We had a great time working on this text, it made everyone smile! 

In other areas of the curriculum we created our own maps of Kintbury in Geography, we studied the first moon landing in History, in Art this week we created poppies for our Remembrance Day display, in PE we completed and performed our dances based around "Field Trip To The Moon" by John Hare which was accompanied by David Bowie's "Star Man" track. 

Here you can see the children dressed in their school uniform with spotty accessories for Children In Need and helping Joe Wicks to complete his 24 hour PE lesson! 

As a whole school this week we held a Remembrance Day service on the playground (socially distanced). Mrs Ulry painted a special poppy onto the playground and Mr Ulry built a special remembrance garden. Kendra played the last post beautifully, Mrs Veasey and Mrs Cantwell led prayers, and the whole school respectfully took part in 2 minutes of silence at 11am on 11.11.2020. 



Term 2 - Week 1:

We have had a great first week of term and have felt very grateful to be back together again. In English this week we introduced our new book "Field Trip To The Moon" by John Hare. During our first lesson, we took part in a drama retelling of the book where our classroom had transformed into a spaceship! We arrived on the moon and explored using all of our senses. Once back on the spaceship we wrote diary entries about our field trip to the moon. 

In Maths this week we have been exploring part-whole models and have been polishing our commutative number sentences. The children have worked hard on using their knowledge of place value to help with this. 

In other areas of the curriculum we have explored the parable of The Lost Son in RE, Alien salt dough sculptures and spaceship observational drawings in Art, coding in ICT, and space themed dance in PE. It has been a busy week filled with fun learning in Year 2. 

Miss Floyd J



Term 1 - Week 6:


English has been so much fun this week! We have been focussing on the story "Traction Man Is Here" by Mini Grey. We memorised the story by creating story maps and used actions and words to retell the story through story stepping. You can see some photos of our story stepping above! 

In Maths we have been using a range of equipment to compare objects and numbers. We have been using our problem-solving skills in groups. During these sessions, we became experts at explaining our ideas and giving reasons for our answers.

In History, we have been learning about the life of Harriet Tubman. We used the bbc True Stories series to help us. You can watch it here: We thought that Harriet's bravery and kindness was incredible, making her a real-life superhero! 


Term 1 - Week 5:

StoryTime Phonics has ramped up to the next level with visits from pirates and snails this week! I have been so impressed to see super phonics skills not only during phonics lessons but across the curriculum and evidence of application in home reading diaries! We have been focussing on the "ai" phoneme this week. Here you can see some of the children using snails to help them to  segment and blend words containing ai: 


Sky Pirates by Alex English is our current class storybook. This week we used the Now Press Play equipment to listen to the Sky Pirates audiobook. It was so relaxing and allowed us to switch off and get lost in the world of Lockfort! 

The daily mile is an activity that we all love. We take part in the daily mile every afternoon at 2pm. This gives us a chance to enjoy the outside area, have a wriggle in the middle of the afternoon AND improve our fitness levels. We are now able to run 4 laps of the field without stopping and without overtaking! This is a real team achievement: 


Miss Floyd :)


Term 1 - Week 4:

The Year 2 children have been very busy in all areas of the curriculum this week!

In English we have been developing our use of vocabulary by completing drama activities. Here you can see different Year 2 children interviewing each other for the Kintbury News channel! 

In Maths we have been using a range of equipment during our place value topic: 

We have been exploring different types of art during our Art and Design lessons. Here you can see the children painting superhero shields in the pointillism style:

 Thank you to all of the families for donating the Art aprons! 

Phonics has been so much fun this week. We have been using the Nick Sharatt book "Shark in the park" to investigate the "ar" phoneme. Here you can see the children using a shark puppet to segment and blend and using scrambled egg (shaving foam!) to practise writing the letter e:

Miss Floyd :) 

Term 1 - Week 3:

Phonics fun has been the topic of conversation between the children, staff and parents this week! It has been so exciting to introduce the children to our new reading program, StoryTime Phonics! We have been spending time getting to know the Phonics Fairy and the Tricky Troll! We have also been learning some super "caption actions" to help us remember different phonemes. We are looking forward to sharing photos and videos over the coming weeks so that you can see all of Year 2 engaging in this fun approach to Phonics! 

In other areas of the curriculum we have been helping The Hulk with his sentence writing skills, learning about the worlds oceans in geography, investigating 2 digit numbers in Maths and exploring materials in Science. It has been a busy week and we can't wait to see what happens in Week 4! 

Miss Floyd :)


Term 1 - Week 2

This week we joined the SUPERHERO ACADEMY! This term we are training up to become superheroes. 

Already the children are showing "super" listening skills, calm behaviour and have settled into the school routine brilliantly. 

PE has been a real highlight this week. On Monday Mr Grainger (our SCL PE Coach) taught PE and played lots of team games to get to know all of the children. On Wednesday I was able to lead gymnastics. We focussed on our different movements and practised moving like different superheroes. 

In other areas of the curriculum we have created superhero lego vehicles and have been writing about them, we have been focussing on number in Maths and have identified all of the continents in Geography! 

Here are some of the books that we have read this week: 

We are all really looking forward to another "super" week next week! 

Miss Floyd :)



Term 1 - Week 1

This week we have really enjoyed welcoming all of our fabulous Year 2 children back to school! They have all tried extremely hard demonstrating super listening skills, social distancing awareness and kindness towards others. 

We have had a busy few days focussing on "The Word Collector" by Peter H Reynolds.

 You can find a version of this book read aloud by Barack and Michelle Obama here:

AND "The Word Collector" by Sonja Wimmer:

 You can access this story here:


We focussed on our favourite words, thinking about words that look good, sound funny, are fun to say and are powerful. 

"Inside Out" by Disney and Pixar also acted as a stimulus this week, enabling us to identify and talk about our emotions. The children showed some fantastic drama skills, acting out joy, anger, disgust, sadness and fear. 

We spent a lot of time getting to know each other and we discussed our worries and hopes for the year ahead of us. 

My favourite Year 2 quote of the week comes from Freddie: "We are like a family of friends, a friends family!"

We have had A LOT of fun this week and we can't wait to see what happens next week! 

Thank you to all of the Year 2 children for a brilliant first week. 

Miss Floyd :)









This week we have been joining up with the Dove Class to take part in our whole school "Take one book and run with it" theme. All of our lessons have been themed around the circus!

To launch this mini topic, Mrs Hunt and Mrs Dancey gave each of us a mystery ticket as we arrived on Monday morning: 


As we entered the classroom the Greatest Showman soundtrack was playing and we had mindfulness clown tasks to complete! The Dove Class joined us and we were informed that our tickets would allow us to not only watch circus acts but to take part in circus skills activities too! 




We had so much fun! We were all very excited to see what we would be up to for the remainder of the day! 

We watched Mrs Cantwell introduce our book for the week "Leon and The Place Between": 

This was a magical moment! The story was filled with jugglers, acrobats, clowns and magic! 

Our day continued with Circus crafts and Lego STEM challenges: 


What a wonderful way to start our mini topic!



What Makes A Family? 

We have been singing this very catchy song all year! It is a song that we performed to the school during collective worship in Term 1 and we also performed it to our families during the family learning day in term 3!

Today the children asked if we could sing it at the end of the day to celebrate the end of term. One parent heard our beautiful singing and asked if we could share the audio and lyrics. So here is "What Makes A Family?":


What Makes A Family?
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Term 3 - Now Press Play!

We have been using our brand new school equipment! For more information about Now Press Play visit: 


Term 3 - Diving into Abstract Art!

We have been developing our use of interesting verbs and adverbs! We were given a piece of abstract art and small world characters. We had to imagine that our partner had jumped into the artwork! Next, we directed our partner around the painting using exciting verbs and adverbs. We used this activity to write instructions. Miss Floyd said that the writing that we produced was INCREDIBLE! 


Term 2 - A mystery parcel

Today a mystery parcel arrived in the Dove Class. When we opened the box we found Pablo the baby emperor penguin! 


Inside Pablo's box there were challenges for us to complete and Pablo's favourite penguin-themed books!