Snow alert

11 January 2017

Snow has been forecast for West Berkshire. We are very carefully monitoring the forecasts and the weather conditions and hopefully, there will be no adverse impact on the school.

Our severe weather plan has been written with the aim of making every effort to keep the school open and functioning.  We have a good supply of gritting salt and we are lucky that many members of our school community - children and adults - live within walking distance of the school. 

In the event that the weather becomes so severe that there is a threat to safety, it is possible that we may have to close the school.  This decision would not be taken lightly and would only be made if necessary to ensure the safety of all.  We would notify all parents and carers of the closure by text message as early as possible on the day.  We would also put a sign up on this website.  In addition, we would notify local radio stations and West Berkshire Council of any closure and they would also make the information as widely available as possible.  

Please note, it the school is closed, it may not be possible for staff to answer the telephone so we would ask that you do not phone the school.  As soon as the decision is made that it is safe to open the school, we will let  you know by text, website notice, radio stations and the local authority website.

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