Different points of view

7 July 2016

We are incredibly proud of our Year 6 children and the superb debating skills they have developed this year.  Our annual Big Debate, which tackled the tricky area of gender equality in sport, was the perfect opportunity to see these skills in action.  Two teams of children spoke in support and opposition to the motion, 'There is no level playing field for men and women in sport today'.  They were well prepared, confident and passionate about putting across their point of view.  They fielded challenging questions from each other and the mixed audience of adults and children.  Facts and figures were applied persuasively to both sides of the argument.  

The debate was chaired by Mr Salvadori, who has been developing the children's skills through a series of workshops.  The debate was were judged by Mrs Higgs (our Head Teacher), Mr Hutchison (our Vice Chair of Governors) and Mr Peaple (the Head Teacher of Park House Secondary School). Mr Peaple has watched many secondary school debates and was most complimentary about the standard of skills on display this afternoon.  In the end, it was judged that the team supporting the motion were the victors of this debate but every child impressed with their contributions.


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