Home Learning Activities:

NOTE: As we are preparing for school closure, we have put together the following information and resources to support home learning. 

 Welcome to the Owl Class Home Learning Area!


Class Documents: 

Mrs Middleton has created a document containing different learning activities that she would like you to focus on during your time at home. 

Some of the activities refer to a printable resource (worksheets, word cards, etc), these can be found in the class resources section. 

Owl Home Learning Grid

Owl Home Learning Grid
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READ, READ, READ! This is a fabulous opportunity to get lost in books for hours and hours! 


Class Resources:

Documents to help you when talking to your child about COVID-19 (coronavirus): 

How to talk to your child about COVID-19

Coronavirus printable
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Social story - Coronavirus
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Information for young children
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Quick Links:


English Resources:


Each day Jane Considine an education expert is uploading writing sessions to her YouTube channel TheTrainingSpace. Click on the link below to choose a writing activity:


Now Press Play has released some brand new activities that you can access at home!

Here is some information about how to use Now Press Play at home: 

Now Press Play @ home

Click the link below and use the password: nowpressplay


Pobble 365 is a fantastic website! This website provides fun and exciting images/activities to inspire writing.

Click on the link below: 


The Book Trust is a great website to listen to and read along with some beautiful stories.

Click the link below: 


The Woodlands Literacy Zone is a fantastic bank of English based games. You can pick from a wide range of English topics (spelling, reading, grammar, punctuation, text genres, etc) and learn in a fun way!

Click the link below: 


Maths Resources:

Maths Frame provides fun online games and home worksheets. These engaging activities cover a wide range of Maths units. 

Click on the image below:


TimesTable Rockstars! We love these games!

Click on the image below:


General Resources:


ZooCam is a great resource! You can access the different Zoo cameras from around the world. This is a great resource as it allows you to see what the zookeepers are up to and what the animals are doing! You could write a letter to your friends to tell them all about what you have seen, you could find out facts about the different animals that you see or you could write a letter to the zoo to say thank you for the Zoo Camera! Click on the image below:

#PEwithJOE - Joe Wicks (known as "The Body Coach") has decided to be the nation's PE teacher! Each day at 9am he will be teaching a home learning PE lesson for children from his living room! Tune in on Monday at 9am for the first work out! 

Click the image below: 


Starting next week Out Of The Ark are providing free singing resources for all children! You can access and sign up by clicking on the image below: 


Art Hub is an amazing art resource! Cartoonist Rob Hub and his 3 children teach you how to draw a range of cartoons from dragons to Frozen characters and Pokemon! 

Click on the image below: 


TTS Group has developed home learning booklets. These contain fun activities that the children can access at home. 

KS2 TTS Booklet

KS2 TTS Booklet
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The Twinkl website is currently offering free home learning resources!

Click on the image below:


Ipad/Android APPS:

The documents below contain a range of Ipad/Android learning apps. 

If you click on the app symbol, it will automatically open a description of the activities. 

Home Learning Apps

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