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In this area of the website, you will be able to keep up to date with all of the home learning expectations for the Year 1 Class. 


Term 1:











NOTE: The following information and resources are to support home learning during the Covid 19 school closure. 

 Welcome to the Finch Class Home Learning Area!


Take a look at our "Hello There" PowerPoint to see what the plan is for returning to school: 

Return to school powerpoint

Return to school PPT
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Week 7: Monday 13th July 2020

This week we will be taking part in the KS1 KINTBURY'S SPORTS grid!

EYFS/KS1 Sports Grid

EYFS/KS1 Sports Grid
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Week 6: Monday 6th July 2020

This week we will be taking part in the KS1 KINTBURY'S GOT TALENT grid!

Finch Class Home Learning Grid Term 6 Week 6

Week 5: Monday 29th June 2020

This week we will be taking part in the KS1 Outdoor Learning Grid! 

KS1 Outdoor Learning Grid Week 5 Term 6

KS1 Outdoor Learning Grid Resources

Week 4: Monday 22nd June 2020

Finch Class Home Learning Grid Term 6 Week 4

Week 3: Monday 15th June 2020

Finch Class Home Learning Grid Term 6 Week 3

Week 2: Monday 8th June 2020

Finch Class Home Learning Grid Term 6 Week 2

Week 1: Monday 1st June 2020

Finch Class Home Learning Grid Term 6 Week 1






Week 5: Monday 18th May 2020

Finch Class Home Learning Grid Term 5 Week 5


Week 4: Monday 11th May 2020

Finch Class Home Learning Grid Term 5 Week 4

Week 3: Monday 4th May 2020

Finch Class Home Learning Grid Term 5 Week 3

Week 2: Monday 27th April 2020

Finch Class Home Learning Grid Term 5 Week 2

Week 1: Monday 20th April 2020

Finch Class Home Learning Grid Term 5 Week 1

Finch Class Resources Term 5

Finch Class Resources Term 5
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You may have read in a newspaper, online or seen on the news that BBC Bitesize are now offering support for home learning. If you would like to use BBC Bitesize as an additional resource to the learning grid above, please click on the image below. We have also included an overview document of the BBC Bitesize support across this week so that you can dip in and out of this resource. We hope that this is helpful. 

BBC Bitesize Learning Support

BBC Bitesize Week 1
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Easter Holiday Activities! 

Adventures of LEGO Figures In Real Life - This fun website contains a range of creative photographs of LEGO figures. These images can be used to inspire story writing, newspaper article writing or even your own photographs of toys in imaginative places and scenarios! Have fun and remember to email your class page to tell them all about it!

Click the image below: 



Rob Biddulph, Children's Author + Illustrator - This website shares a range of art and illustration techniques. Rob Biddulph teaches you how to create a range of pictures and characters. You can pick from the #drawwithrob sessions that he has already completed or tune into his website at 10am on Tuesdays and Thursdays for live drawing activities! 

Click the image below:


Jane Porter, Author and Illustrator - On this website you can access some fun book related activities! 

Click the image below: 


Can you take part in the 30 Day Art + DT Challenge?

Class Documents: 

Miss Court has created a document containing different learning activities that she would like you to focus on during your time at home. 

Some of the activities refer to a printable resource (worksheets, word cards, etc), these can be found in the class resources section. 

Finch Class Home Learning Grid

Finch Class Home Learning Grid
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READ, READ, READ! This is a fabulous opportunity to get lost in books for hours and hours! 


Class Resources:

Finch Class Resources

Phonics Phase 5
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Phonics Phase 3
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Phonics Phase 2
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Shoebox Rainforest
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Easter Story Sequence Cards
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Documents to help you when talking to your child about COVID-19 (coronavirus): 

How to talk to your child about COVID-19

Coronavirus printable
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Social story - Coronavirus
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Information for young children
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Quick Links:


Each day Jane Considine an education expert is uploading writing sessions to her YouTube channel TheTrainingSpace. Click on the link below to choose a writing activity:

Now Press Play has released some brand new activities that you can access at home!

Here is some information about how to use Now Press Play at home: 

Now Press Play @ home

Click the link below and use the password: nowpressplay

English Resources:

Pobble 365 is a fantastic website! This website provides fun and exciting images/activities to inspire writing.

Click on the image below: 


The Book Trust is a great website to listen to and read along with some beautiful stories.

Click on the image below:


The Woodlands Literacy Zone is a fantastic bank of English based games. You can pick from a wide range of English topics (spelling, reading, grammar, punctuation, text genres, etc) and learn in a fun way!

Click on the image below:



Maths Resources:

Maths Frame provides fun online games and home worksheets. These engaging activities cover a wide range of Maths units. 

Click on the image below:


TimesTable Rockstars! We love these games!

Click on the image below:


General Resources:


ZooCam is a great resource! You can access the different Zoo cameras from around the world. This is a great resource as it allows you to see what the zookeepers are up to and what the animals are doing! You could write a letter to your friends to tell them all about what you have seen, you could find out facts about the different animals that you see or you could write a letter to the zoo to say thank you for the Zoo Camera! Click on the image below:

#PEwithJOE - Joe Wicks (known as "The Body Coach") has decided to be the nation's PE teacher! Each day at 9am he will be teaching a home learning PE lesson for children from his living room! Tune in on Monday at 9am for the first work out! 

Click the image below: 



Starting next week Out Of The Ark are providing free singing resources for all children! You can access and sign up by clicking on the image below: 


Art Hub is an amazing art resource! Cartoonist Rob Hub and his 3 children teach you how to draw a range of cartoons from dragons to Frozen characters and Pokemon! 

Click on the image below: 


TTS Group has developed home learning booklets. These contain fun activities that the children can access at home. 

Finch + Dove TTS Booklet

Finch + Dove TTS Booklet
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The Twinkl website is currently offering free home learning resources!

Click on the image below:


Ipad/Android APPS:

The documents below contain a range of Ipad/Android learning apps. 

If you click on the app symbol, it will automatically open a description of the activities. 

Home Learning Apps

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Updated: 17/03/2020 5.81 MB
Updated: 17/03/2020 1.35 MB


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