What a difference!

What a few days it has been!  Mrs Ulry, the children and I have had plenty of excitement as we saw the trees at the end of the back playground rapidly disappear.  Now we can see the field and it looks fantastic!  I hope the pictures give you some idea of the difference it as made.  Apart from this we have had a busy few days - Mrs Ulry and her children were enjoying 'Under the Sea', using Now Press Play and also lots of symmetrical butterflies were created - as well as keeping up their Maths and English skills! 

The Key Stage 2 children were also working hard at both English and Maths in the mornings and in the afternoons we did a whole range of activities - geography quizzes, PE, history research, French, map reading and we even sang a song with the BBC Singers!  I hope they had a good time - I certain did!  Thank you also to all the lovely teaching assistants who were in to help us and the children.  Mrs O

Posted by Kintbury Teachers on 20 May 2020

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Maria Bold
21 May 2020

What a difference – a huge improvement!

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