Home made slime recipes!

Robyn and Sam have been busy making slime!

This is what Robyn had to say - 

'Today I have been making some slime. They are all in different colours and textures. I love making slime because it is satisfying!

For the glittery pale purple one I used Elmers Glitter glue and mixed it with a few drops of saline solution which acts the same as slime activator. Then I put shaving foam in it and mixed it up for a couple of minutes then it was formed.

For the red slime I used PVA glue, red paint (but you can use any colour). Mix these together and add shaving foam as before. Then I added glitter and some sparkly gems to give it a different texture.

For the blue slime I used the same recipe as the red slime but added beads.

They are really fun to play with but be careful not to put too much saline in or glue in or the texture wont be right. And don’t play with it near carpets!!'

While Sam said - 

' We made some oobleck out of 2 cups of cornflour and 1 cup of water. It was really cool to play with. Did you know it gets it's name from a gooey substance In  the Dr. Seuss's story, Bartholomew and the Oobleck. It can change from liquid to a solid when under pressure. It can be used in bulletproof clothing because when hit at high speed, it turns into a rock solid substance.  Did you know you can swim in oobleck if you move slowly but if you tried to swim fast, it solidify. This type of liquid is known as non Newtonian fluid.' 

Thank you both for this super information!  Mrs O:)


Posted by Kintbury Teachers on 30 April 2020

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