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Today we had so much fun tunning into live zoo cams locally and around the world. 

We saw monkeys, penguins, red pandas, fish, meerkats, giraffes and goats on a farm! We even saw people in the lion's cage!!! 

You can do this at home too, we particularly liked the aquarium live cams, Dublin zoo and Marwell. All need you to do is to type this into Google. 

Mrs O was very busy sharing her Oragami skills with us, which we found so fascinating! She was making rabbits, dogs, cats and penguins!

We then made the most of the sunshine by taking part in a scavenger hunt, we really enjoyed roaming around the school field and trying to wait patiently for a squirrel to run along the fence... unfortunately we didn’t see any today! 

Take care everyone, here’s to another sunny day for tomorrow. 

Miss lees x 

Posted by Kintbury Teachers on 26 March 2020

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