Errin-Mai's Wonderful Home Learning


I was absolutely amazed today when I opened the Woodpecker Class' email because I had not one or two but 5 emails from Errin-Mai!! She has been so busy at home completing lots of fun learning tasks! There were so many wonderful photographs that I had to select just a few of my favourite ones. 

Here we can see Errin-Mai on a bug hunt. I wonder if any of the other Woodpeckers have found any insects and creatures in their back gardens? If you have, please let Errin-Mai know by leaving a comment below. 

Errin-Mai has also been sewing which is a great activity to do at home. I absolutely love the RE pictures that Errin-Mai has drawn when thinking about Good Friday. 

It's great to see that you are sharing positive thoughts and smiles with your neighbours Errin-Mai by creating rainbows! 

Thank you so much for sharing Errin-Mai, it really is great to see all of your hard work. 



Posted by Kintbury Teachers on 26 March 2020

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