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Hello Kites

Today I have been home learning as well.  I have also been joined by Percy!  He has been very helpful in walking all over my papers and making sure they are (not) in the right place.  How has your day been?  I have heard from Imogen today who has been very busy!  She has been learning about percentages and muscles and also been inspired by Pobble365 to do some writing.  

Do make sure you send in plenty of pictures to me so that I can share them with everyone.  I will also upload some of the work i have received so far and this might inspire others of you to have a go!  I can however see that plenty of you have logged onto Doodle Maths and TTRockstars, which is great!

Hope you are looking after yourselves but also managing to get some fresh air as well.

Take care

Mrs O



Posted by Kintbury Teachers on 26 March 2020

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Ellie Perry
26 March 2020

Hi Mrs O and Kites class,
I think Percy is your cat! I wonder what he or she is doing there? At last I have finally finished my book so I got a new book called 'The Person Controller' (I recommend it) I have got my school work and brought a printer ! Today I did some maths the subject was counting in multiples - and I got them all right!
For English we did some comprehension questions, it was about 'The diary of the killer Cat'. We have been playing lots of games in the garden because it is so sunny.
I miss you and all my friends!
Love Ellie x

Robyn Sneath
27 March 2020

Hi Mrs'o your cat looks nice.. Our neighbor's cat looks the same as yours he some times comes to sun bathe in our garden! Hope everyone is OK.... Miss all of my friends also Ellie your messege was every nice as well.. Bye
Love Robyn xx,??????????????????????????????????????????????

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