Reviewed Progression in Written Calculations document September 2015

Our teaching staff have recently reviewed the progression in written calculation methods taught throughout the school. The updated document can be downloaded by click here.

SIAMS Inspection May 2015

We are pleased to make available our SIAMS report outlining the findings of the inspector's visit on 22nd May 2015. The report is a fantastic validation of the part each and every person in the school family plays in ensuring the best for our children. It demonstrates our commitment to being an important part of the local community and to nurturing and developing each child’s
individual gifts and talents so that they can reach their potential.

As a school we are very happy to have received two external reports (OFSTED and SIAMS) within the space of one year which show our success in providing for our children, both in their academic progress and attainment and in ensuring they feel happy and respected in their learning environment.

Thank you very much for your continued support and the crucial role you play in helping us to improve what we are doing. We look forward to building on recent successes as we move towards the next academic year.

Osfted Inspection July 2014

It is with great pleasure that we make available our Ofsted report outlining the findings of the team who visited us on 8th and 9th July. We are delighted that this report shows that our school is in the good category.  This recognises the many strengths of the provision our school makes for each and every child.  It also shows how much our school has developed and continues to work hard to provide the best possible primary school experience.